Monday, April 3, 2017

Last Day as a 2-Year-Old

Rocking my baby on his last night of being 2. Tomorrow he turns 3. Can't help but reflect on the little we know about his three short years on earth. 

Somewhere in China, he has a birth family. He has a first mom. So thankful for her. So thankful that she chose life for her baby. As we rock, it is the morning of his birthday in China. I know she is thinking of him. I wish I had some way to tell her how very cherished he is. How he makes everyone around him smile. 

I've been thinking about the three years he has spent either in a hospital or an orphanage. So thankful for nurses, nannies, and Tammy Wombles loving on him.  So, so thankful that he is spending his third birthday at home with his family. It's not lost on me that there are many children spending their birthdays year after year as orphans. And families longing to hold their children on their birthday as they wait to travel. 

As I'm sitting here rocking my sweet baby, I kiss his head. (Nothing new--the kid seriously gets about 300 kisses a day around here)!  But he looks up at me and HE kisses ME!  Over and over!  Then we rock some more and he falls asleep. On his last night as a 2-year-old.