Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rayna's First Haircut

Rayna got her first haircut!  We decided to give the back a little trim. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Summer Fun

I realize that I am ridiculously behind on my blog, but I will eventually catch up.  I'll start with this weekend.  My brother came into town for a little while, so we got to see Uncle Will, Shawna, and Tyler.  We had a good time catching up!
 This weekend we also went to Cooper's third birthday party.  I can't believe our little buddy is already 3!!  We had a good time playing on the slip-n-slide and eating cake and ice cream!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Glimpse into Molly's Future??

Molly:  Did you know that I have five babies?
Me:  Wow!  5?  Are you a stay-at-home mom, or do you go to work, too?
Molly:  Oh, I work a lot!
Me:  Really?  Where do you work?
Molly:  At China.
Me:  China?  What do you do in China?
Molly:  I help the children that don't have moms and dads.
Me:  Oh, do you work at an orphanage there?
Molly:  Yes.  I have an orphanage in China and one in South America.
Me:  Wow!  What do you do for the orphanages?
Molly:  Umm....well, I just find moms and dads for the kids.
Me:  Wow!  Are there a lot of children in the orphanages?
Molly:  Oh, yes!  Thousands!  Like this many (holds up all 10 fingers.)
Have I mentioned recently how much I love this kid?!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Little Mess

Our little Molly  has been such a little mess lately!  She's so smart and spunky.  Here are some recent conversations with my girl.
Background:  While I was fixing lunch, Molly got the sprinkles out of the pantry and put them on the table.  When I saw them, I took them and put them away.  About 5 minutes passes.
Molly:  Mommy, is it wrong to take something away from someone without asking them?
Me:  Yes, that is wrong.
Molly:  It's naughty, right?
Me:  Yes, that is naughty.
Molly:  Mommy, you were naughty when you took those sprinkles away from me without asking, weren't you?
Me:  Umm....well....
Molly:  It's okay, Mommy.  But next time you need to ask.
Me:  Molly, you need to put away your laundry.
Molly:  I can't!  My arms are broken!
Me:  Oh, that's sad.  How are you going to eat your snack?
Molly:  My arms work to eat snack.  They are just broken to put away laundry.
Me:  Molly, where did you put Mommy's keys?
Molly:  They are upstairs on my bed.
Me:  Can you go get them for me?
Molly:  No, you can do it.
Me:  But you're the one that took them upstairs.
Molly:  But you can get them.  Come on, Mommy!  It will be fun!  Just pretend you are Superman and fly right up the stairs to get them!
Molly:  Who put these tongs in the dishwasher?  They were not dirty.
Me:  Well, you were playing with them and left them out so I bet Daddy thought they were dirty and put them in the dishwasher.
Molly:  Mommy!  Boys are not supposed to load the dishwasher.  They don't know if things are dirty or not.  Next time, you need to let a girl do it, okay Mommy?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aunt Marie and Cow Appreciation

Aunt Marie is in town!   We've had lots of fun!  Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chickfila.  If you dressed up like a cow, you got a free meal.  So we all dressed up like cows and met up with our friends the McArthurs.  Fun times!

Monday, July 4, 2011