Saturday, March 4, 2017

Countdown to China

Christine and I leave for China in less than a week!  I can't believe we are so close to getting our sweet boy.  We got these new pictures of him this week.  His hair has gotten so long!  I just can't wait to have him in my arms SOON!  And I'm even more excited to get him home and have our whole family together.

We've been preparing for Ethan's arrival.  First of all, we have offically settled on a name.  (I think--ha!)  His name will be Ethan Si Lee.  His chinese name is Si Yu Tao.  We are keeping the "Si" part of his name and the "Lee" is after Brian who is Brian Lee Hines.  Molly is happy that he will have two middle names like her.

Our church had a "pampers and prayers" where we celebrated the arrival of our new little ones.  My friends Jenelle and Kelly Jo are both having baby girls this month and of course we are welcoming our boy NEXT WEEK!
On the home front, our other three kiddos have had the flu this week.  It has been pretty awful.  Rayna started feeling badly on Sunday morning, Aaron on Monday, and Molly on Wednesday.  They all had high fevers--the girls both had fevers pushing 105. It was pretty scary.  Rayna missed all week of school and Molly missed Wednesday-Friday.  But they are on the mend and excited about going to school on Monday.

Aaron and I went to have his hearing checked at Cuthberson High School.  He passed his hearing screening which is good news!  It was kind of neat to be at Cuthberson.  If that high school had existed when I was in school, that's where I would have gone.  It's a HUGE school--way bigger than Parkwood.  Crazy how much Waxhaw has grown!

Since the kids have been feeling better, we went to Brusters for pajama day.  Today, if you wear your pajamas to Brusters, you can get an ice cream cone for $1 and all of the proceeds go to Operation Reach Out.  We took our ice cream to go since we've had the flu in our house.  But it was nice to get out for a little bit!