Friday, October 14, 2016

DTC--October 14th!

Our dossier left for China today!  This is a huge step in the process to bring Ethan home!  For anyone who is curious about the further steps in our adoption, here's what's next:

*LID (dossier will be logged in)
*LOA (letter of acceptance)
* i800 (immigration approval specific for adopting ETHAN)
*GUZ # (case number with consulate)
*PDF/RTF (Letter from NVC)
*Art 5 P/U (Ethan's visa paperwork picked up from GZ and sent to BJ)

Our estimated time frame from this point is 2-6 months with the average being 4 months.  So we could travel anytime between December-April.  Our guess is February or March.

One step closer to bringing home our boy!!