Tuesday, August 13, 2013

14 Months

Little Brother is 14 months old today.  At 14 months, Aaron is Mr. Personality.  He loves waving and "talking" to everyone we pass in the stores.  He loves to dance and act silly.  He loves playing in the water--tub, pool, water table, toilet (until he gets caught!)  He has a TEMPER!  If he doesn't get something he wants, not only does he cry, he runs away, lays on his stomach, covers his face, and kicks his legs.  Then he will run back into the room to remind you that he's still there and still unhappy and repeat the process.  ;-)

He loves his sisters.  He gets so excited when they get home from school.  Whenever the girls ride their tricycles or scooters, he is running right behind them.  He is ALL BOY.  He loves anything with wheels (cars, trains, buses, etc.) and loves to get dirty.  He loves to go outside which pleases Rayna.  The two of them are becoming buddies which is super cute.  Molly babies him and takes very good care of him, but Rayna will actually play with him and talk to him. 

Of my babies, I would say he is the most picky eater at this age.  He will pick out whatever food he doesn't like and eat what he does like.  He loves cheese, watermelon, and bread.  He has a ton of teeth!  12 and more on the way!  He's ready for some steak!  He drinks from a bottle and a sippy cup, but will not hold his own bottle.  When he wants his bottle, he will bring it to you, sit in your lap, and wait for you to give it to him.  He wants to hold your hand while he drinks his milk.  Super sweet!

We love our baby boy!