Friday, May 10, 2013

Fun on the Block!

I hate to brag--but we pretty much have the greatest neighbors EVER!  We are so blessed to have such awesome people in our lives.  They cook for us, help us with our kids, help us with home repairs, etc.  Today, I cut the grass for the first time ever and TWO of our neighbors came to help me out!  SO BLESSED! 
Tonight, right before bed, Rayna and I had this conversation:

Rayna: Mrs. Mao say there is no school on Saturday.
Me: You're right. There is no school tomorrow!
Rayna: No school tomorrow--YAY! I get to play with Sutton and Gavin and Kamera!
Me: And Mommy and Daddy?
Rayna: Ummm.....yeah.....goodnight.