Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Adoption Day!!

Four years ago today, I held my oldest daughter for the first time.  I cannot believe that it's been four years since we were in Vietnam and I really can't believe that my baby girl is almost five.  Unreal.

To celebrate Molly's adoption day, we went to Build-A-Bear workshop.  The girls had SO much fun stuffing, bathing, dressing, and naming their bears.  Molly named her bear Chloe and Rayna named hers (surprise, surprise) Cinderella Bear.
Daddy took Aaron to check out the tools at Sears.

Then we went out to eat Vietnamese food for dinner.  Yum!!

It's hard to believe that my beautiful baby girl has been home for FOUR years...
Happy Adoption Day, precious Molly!!  We are so thankful that God brought you into our lives.  You are so loved!