Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Molly Singing

Molly learned this song at the library and LOVES it. She sings it all the time and adds in everyone's names. I'm sure my teacher buddies have heard it before. What she's singing is:

Good morning, good morning, good morning to you.
Good morning, good morning, good morning to __________.

News Articles

In other news, have you heard that hospitals are banning child visitors from the hospitals? I have to admit, I have been a little stressed over this news. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Molly to get the flu or spread it to others, but this didn't come at a very convenient time for our family. I'm sad that Molly won't get to see Rayna in the hospital and that she'll have to be away from me for several days. We've had friends offer to help out with Molly so that Mom can go to the hospital some. I guess we'll just have to play it by ear--we have a few more weeks to work out the details. Here's the full story.

TOTALLY unrelated, but I happened to pick up a copy of Newsweek at the doctor's office on Friday and read this article. It completely changed my opinion on how I talk about race with my students and how I will talk about race with my own children. I think I had been under the impression that I was dealing with "colorblind" children, when in fact, research shows that children as young as 6 months old notice race. Open dialogue about race is SO important. Anyway, it's a long article, but VERY worth the read.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toddler Life

Cousin Cuteness
Backpack Buddies
Baking cookies with Nana
These PJs say it all

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

23 Months!

Molly is 23 months old today! Can our baby girl REALLY be turning two in a month?! This year has FLOWN! She is growing and changing so much everyday. She is talking so much. She's putting little sentences together which is the cutest. She says things like "Molly. Eat. Daddy. Cereal." (Molly wants some of Daddy's cereal--the sugary kind!) She has cut her bottom 2 year molars this month. I think the top ones are on their way in. She's also decided this month that she could give or take sleep in the middle of the day. She's napping about four days a week and the other days she plays in her crib for an hour. She's growing like a weed! I can't wait to see how tall she's gotten and how much she weighs at her two year check-up--is that REALLY just next month?! :-)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rayna's Room (For Now)

I eventually want Molly and Rayna to share a room, but Brian and I decided that while they are so young, Rayna will sleep in the guest room. (After she graduates from our room of course.) We didn't do a lot to the guest room, but we did put up the crib and paint Rayna's letters--which match Molly's since they will go in her room eventually. I'm 33 weeks--not much longer!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I used to worry....

I used to worry that Molly was a little behind in the gross motor area. Now that she's improving in this area (ie she is now able to push a kitchen chair around and climb on it to reach anything she wants), I have to say, I have a whole new set of worries. :-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's missing from my daddy's face?

After having a goatee for 2+ years, Daddy decided he wanted a change. Mommy and I think he looks pretty handsome!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Week

Our good friends Josh and Brooke had their baby boy, Damari, on August 30th. Brian got to go see him in the hospital, but I didn't get to see him for the first time until Tuesday. He is ADORABLE! He has so much blond hair! Molly enjoyed seeing the new baby. She was okay with Daddy holding Damari, but not sure sure about Mommy holding him. She kept saying, "No, Mommy. Baby, Josh!" (No, Mommy--give the baby to Josh.) We may have a little trouble on our hands in a few weeks! :-)

Molly had a great time visiting with Josh and Brooke. She thinks Josh is hilarious. My mom said that she's talked about Josh for the last two days. Here's a video of Molly dancing with Daddy and Mr. Josh. I love that Brian says, "This may end up on the blog, Josh." My husband knows me all too well! :-)

In other news, our kindergarten grade level got the greatest gift EVER from our PTA. We got a duty-free (no students) lunch OFF CAMPUS! We ate lunch at McAlisters and had the best time hanging out. A lunch out has got to be the best gift you can give a teacher! :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had a nice long weekend. I could handle three day weekends every week! On Saturday, we went to two parties. One was a surprise party for my good friend, Alicia. The other was an adoption party for our friends the Chausses who celebrated four years as a family--they adopted their little girl Maggie from China four years ago.

Today Nana and I spent the day together and we worked on the letters for Rayna's room (pictures coming) and then went to IKEA where we got Molly a birthday present. Of course we stopped for our favorite dinner--Qdoba!

Most of these pictures were "stolen" from friends, which is why they are different sizes. I'm still no blogger expert and have no idea how to get them all the same size. Oh, well! Still cute!

These aren't from this weekend, but I still wanted to post them. Super cute pictures of Molly with her buddies Emily and Ruby.

Friday, September 4, 2009


For about the last month, Molly has developed an attachment to one of her stuffed animals-- "Lamb." If you've seen Molly in the last few weeks, chances are you've seen Lamb too. Lamb was a gift from our friends Sandy and JD from church when Molly came home from Vietnam. Molly doesn't like to go ANYWHERE without Lamb. At dinner she wants Lamb to sit and watch her eat. At bath time she wants Lamb to watch her take a bath. (Okay, in all reality she asks for Lamb to take a bath with her every night, but will settle for her watching from the sink.) And she will NOT go to bed without Lamb. We've already had a night of brief panic when we couldn't find Lamb at bedtime. It's looking like Lamb is becoming even more important to Molly than her beloved "Paci." This evening I tried to talk her into leaving both Paci and Lamb inside while we went out to play. She was okay with leaving Paci inside, but not Lamb--she had to come outside too. She put Lamb on the swing and hold her to "ho ti, Yam" (hold tight, Lamb) while she pushed her. Very cute! So it looks like Lamb is becoming a part of the family.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loving September Already!

The first day of September was BEAUTIFUL! After a long, hot August (being pregnant probably made it feel worse than it actually was), it was SO nice to have a 75 degree September day today. I am so excited that Fall is just around the corner. Hoping for more beautiful September weather! :-)

Some Weekend Pictures:
Molly got into my make-up for the first time this weekend.
I asked her what she had all over her face. Her response was "pretty!" :-)