Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Week

Our good friends Josh and Brooke had their baby boy, Damari, on August 30th. Brian got to go see him in the hospital, but I didn't get to see him for the first time until Tuesday. He is ADORABLE! He has so much blond hair! Molly enjoyed seeing the new baby. She was okay with Daddy holding Damari, but not sure sure about Mommy holding him. She kept saying, "No, Mommy. Baby, Josh!" (No, Mommy--give the baby to Josh.) We may have a little trouble on our hands in a few weeks! :-)

Molly had a great time visiting with Josh and Brooke. She thinks Josh is hilarious. My mom said that she's talked about Josh for the last two days. Here's a video of Molly dancing with Daddy and Mr. Josh. I love that Brian says, "This may end up on the blog, Josh." My husband knows me all too well! :-)

In other news, our kindergarten grade level got the greatest gift EVER from our PTA. We got a duty-free (no students) lunch OFF CAMPUS! We ate lunch at McAlisters and had the best time hanging out. A lunch out has got to be the best gift you can give a teacher! :-)