Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had a nice long weekend. I could handle three day weekends every week! On Saturday, we went to two parties. One was a surprise party for my good friend, Alicia. The other was an adoption party for our friends the Chausses who celebrated four years as a family--they adopted their little girl Maggie from China four years ago.

Today Nana and I spent the day together and we worked on the letters for Rayna's room (pictures coming) and then went to IKEA where we got Molly a birthday present. Of course we stopped for our favorite dinner--Qdoba!

Most of these pictures were "stolen" from friends, which is why they are different sizes. I'm still no blogger expert and have no idea how to get them all the same size. Oh, well! Still cute!

These aren't from this weekend, but I still wanted to post them. Super cute pictures of Molly with her buddies Emily and Ruby.