Friday, September 4, 2009


For about the last month, Molly has developed an attachment to one of her stuffed animals-- "Lamb." If you've seen Molly in the last few weeks, chances are you've seen Lamb too. Lamb was a gift from our friends Sandy and JD from church when Molly came home from Vietnam. Molly doesn't like to go ANYWHERE without Lamb. At dinner she wants Lamb to sit and watch her eat. At bath time she wants Lamb to watch her take a bath. (Okay, in all reality she asks for Lamb to take a bath with her every night, but will settle for her watching from the sink.) And she will NOT go to bed without Lamb. We've already had a night of brief panic when we couldn't find Lamb at bedtime. It's looking like Lamb is becoming even more important to Molly than her beloved "Paci." This evening I tried to talk her into leaving both Paci and Lamb inside while we went out to play. She was okay with leaving Paci inside, but not Lamb--she had to come outside too. She put Lamb on the swing and hold her to "ho ti, Yam" (hold tight, Lamb) while she pushed her. Very cute! So it looks like Lamb is becoming a part of the family.