Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter in Winston-Salem!  We went to church with Grandma and Grandpa today then we went out to lunch and back home for Easter baskets from Aunt Marie.  When we got home, Nana had made us an Easter dinner.  We're so blessed by such awesome family!

PS..... If you are ever having a hard time getting your baby to sleep, just call Bapa Hines.  Apparently, he has the magic touch!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


We are in Winston-Salem spending Easter with Brian's family.  We've been here since Wednesday and my goal was to post a couple of times while we were here, but as you can see, we've been busy.  We're having a great time!  I'm sure everyone is shocked, but I have taken quite a few pictures.  I'm just going to post my favorite one or two--or 36.  :-)

Dying Easter Eggs
Hanging out at Grandma and Bapa's 
Rayna really loves her Grandpa and she's been calling him "Bapa."  So cute!  :-)
Great Grandma

The Robertsons
 Our friends Josh and Brooke recently moved to Winston-Salem so we went to their house for lunch today.  Their new house is on like 30 acres so we spent time outside doing fun stuff!

 Hard-Working Girls
With the exception of the rainy day yesterday, the weather has been great and we've been spending time outside at Grandma and Grandpa's.  The girls were big helpers for Grandpa BaPa!  Tonight, we went on a walk in the woods and they both walked a good portion of the time!  They are practically little hikers!

Whew!  We've been busy the last several days!  I haven't even posted pictures of the Easter egg hunt--I guess I will save that for another post.  We're all tired!  All of this Winston-Salem fun is exhausting!  :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We had a great day with Uncle Will today!  I can't take credit for this super-fun, super-cheap outing--our good friends the McArthurs gave us the idea--but we LOVED it!  We took the train (Charlotte's Light Rale) to Imaginon, a library downtown Charlotte.  Fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


 The girls got these yellow Springmdresses from their Aunt Becki and Uncle Hemant and they look just PRECIOUS in them!  I told Brian I just had to take some pictures of them before church this morning and he agreed--but Rayna?  Not so much!  The best picture I got of the two of them is the one above (with her finger stuck up her nose!)  And the best one I got of her by herself one of her running away.  Molly, on the other hand, has become quite good in front of the camera.  :-)
 Molly and I had a little Mommy/Daughter date this afternoon.  Auntie Tara gave us a pedicure gift card, so we got our toes done!  Molly was SOOO good!  She sat perfectly still the whole time.  The ladies that work there are from Vietnam and they loved Molly.  She was very spoiled.  Then we went to Starbucks for a vanilla milk.  Uncle Will is still in town so my mom made his favorite dinner tonight.  Very fun day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Discovery Place and Uncle Will

 Such a fun day!  We spent the day at the Discovery Place with our good friends the Donahues and the McArthurs.  Uncle Will (my little brother) came into town today, so after the Discovery Place--and naps in the car--we met my mom and my brother for dinner at Qdoba and a trip to the park.  Needless to say, our little pumpkins are exhausted and fell asleep in no time flat!  We are excited about spending the next few days with Uncle Will!