Saturday, April 24, 2010

Super Saturday!

Really! It was! It was a pretty typical Saturday. We ran errands, grabbed lunch at Qdoba, went to the park, and went to a birthday for Scarlet, a little girl from church. But I just had such a nice day with my family. :-)

I gave Molly a little bob this morning. She's going to start to run when she sees me with the scissors because the last two times I've gone to "trim" her hair, I've gotten a little scissor-happy. I'm really pleased with it though--I think she looks adorable!
Molly has always been really nervous about going down the slide. (Even our own slide at home.) But very recently, she's been getting brave and going down the slide. She's so proud of herself every time she goes down. So cute!
Rayna went on the baby swing at the park for the first time today. She LOVED it! :-)
Is it time for the party YET?!
Enjoying her "loot" after the party.
Today was so fun! Do I really have to get ready for bed?!