Thursday, April 29, 2010

Molly's New Wheels

Well, we are the proud new owners of America's best selling car--the Cozy Coupe. Ever since Molly learned to walk (if not before) she has loved the Cozy Coupe. After playing in the Cozy Coupe for a solid hour while we got our oil changed Saturday and then again at a birthday party Saturday night, Brian mentioned getting one for her. I had checked on Craigslist, but they seemed so expensive for a used toy. Well, I saw in the paper on Sunday that Toys R Us had them on sale AND I had a coupon, so we decided to get one for her. She was ecstatic! And they had it in pink. She said she either wanted pink or green (which they don't make, but there was no telling her that)--not red. Sounds like her Auntie Tara, doesn't she? :-)

She had to help Daddy put it together last night.
And can you guess where she spent ALL day today?
And there's another little reason we bought a Cozy Coupe.....