Friday, April 23, 2010

Molly Moment

I thought that for this month's Molly update, I would share a few conversations that I have had with Molly lately. This girl is just SO funny! Everyday she cracks me up with something that she says!

Molly: (as we are leaving a store) Where we going now?
Me: To our van.
Molly: I know THAT!

Molly: I going to Nana's house, Mommy. You can come, too, when Brian gets home.
Me: Who is Brian?
Molly: MY Brian!

Me: (Playing with Rayna) Give me some of that paci, Rayna! Mommy's going to get it!
Molly: You can't have a paci! You is not a baby--(stops, realizes that she still has a paci, but she is not a baby) You is not a big girl! You is a Mommy!

Molly: (Spotting the golden arches) You see that, Mommy?
Me: Yes, I do.
Molly: That's called Old McDonalds. Nana takes me there.

Molly: Mommy, you is my best Mommy!
Me: Molly, you are my best Molly! :-)