Monday, February 22, 2010

Molly Moment

Time for another Molly update! Our sweet girl is growing so quickly! :-) I managed to get a very quick video of her today. I had to go to Target this afternoon to pick up a prescription and saw a Blue's Clue's video for really cheap. Molly has one other Blue's Clue's movie that she LOVES so I couldn't pass it up. She was beyond excited about my purchase. I told her after she had her bath and Rayna went to bed, we would watch it. Getting her to take a bath and brush her teeth was no problem tonight! :-)


Every month you seem to grow up more and more! You are SO funny! We laugh at something you say everyday. One day last week Daddy found coloring on the wall. He asked you when you did it and you said, "with Nana." I asked you what Nana said and you replied, "Don't color on the wall! Oh, my! Look at this mess!" It was very funny!

Your biggest accomplishment this month is that you are pretty much completely potty trained! You always tell us when you need to go and you're pretty much even staying dry at night and during your nap. You get so proud of yourself when you use the potty--and we are proud of you!

You got to play in the snow this month. You obviously didn't remember the snow from last year and you were so excited when you looked out the window and saw the snow. You had a good time throwing snowballs and walking in the snow.

You finally enjoy taking baths again! I think this is mostly because we give you a bath with Rayna and you like playing with her in the tub. You're also getting a little better about having your hair washed or getting water in your face. I think you'll enjoy swimming even more this summer than you did last summer.

You're such a sweet girl with such an awesome personality! We love you so much!