Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friends and Family

We've had some ups and downs this week. Molly spent a good portion of the week feeling under the weather. She had some kind of virus and ran a fever for several days, but it was nothing some Motrin and Blue's Clues couldn't fix. Here she is in Mommy and Daddy's bed with her little set up! :-)
We got to have dinner with Cooper and Nicole this week. This was the day Molly started feeling yucky so we are hoping we didn't share any of our yuck with Cooper--since we were sharing popcorn!
Brian and I got some good practice in for when we have our sixth baby. (TOTALLY kidding!) We've been trading off date nights with Brad and Annie Beth so this weekend was our turn to babysit. Six kids is a little crazy, but lots of fun!
We also got to visit with some family today! We went to my cousin's baby shower this afternoon and got to see some family that I hadn't seen in awhile. My cousin Angie's boys have gotten SO tall! I'm not usually that impressed with preteen boys, but her boys are such good boys! I just love them!
Rayna has a new little buddy in the family. My cousin Jerry and his wife had a baby girl in December. She's a doll!
And Aunt Marie is in town! The girls had a fun evening with Aunt Marie. We went to Chicfila and Extreme Play with Aunt Marie tonight. Fun!