Monday, March 1, 2010

4 Months Old

Precious Rayna,

It has been such an amazing four months with you! You grow and change everyday and we just love life with you!

This has been a big month for you! You have learned how to roll over this month. You are also really starting to lift up your head when you are on your stomach. Such a big girl! You also had your first rice cereal this month. You like eating off of a spoon!

You got to see your first snow this month. You like being outdoors so we bundled you up and you were happy. You also celebrated your first Valentine's Day and your first Tet this month.

You like taking baths. You think it is fun to splash in the water and don't even mind it when your sister pours water on your head. You are such a good sport!

You are still sleeping well at night. You have slept all the way through the night exactly once, but we are hoping you'll start doing it more! You are still not a good napper so we are hoping that in the coming month you will decide that naps are okay.

You like to suck your thumb or your fingers. You love being carried in a sling. You weigh about 14lbs and you are wearing size 6 month clothing.

We love you so much, Sweet Girl! :-)