Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Ohio Fun!

We are having such a good time here in Ohio with Justin and Tara. Brian left this morning for a work-related trade show in Columbus and will be back Tuesday. We went to the beach (Lake Erie) on Friday which was SO nice. It's unbelievable to go to the beach in July and it be so cool. Molly still isn't a big fan of the sand, but liked playing with the rocks with her Auntie Tara.We also got to try out Justin and Tara's favorite Mexican restaurant here in Cleveland--Jalapeno Loco. (Tara said you'd be jealous, Jill!) It was GREAT food and great service. Yum!
We had planned on going to the zoo yesterday, but couldn't because of the rain. We ended up going to a children's museum instead and Molly had a blast! There were so many cool things for kids her age. They had a space room, a farm room, a water area, and a community area complete with a bank, grocery store, hospital, daycare center, and transportation center. It was SO fun! She did not want to leave! :-)
This morning we went to church with Justin and Tara. Their church is called Velocity and we had a really good time. Molly even stayed with Tara in the toddler room for the second service (which she NEVER does at home) and I got to listen to the sermon. SO nice! Auntie Tara bought Molly this adorable yellow dress. :-)
We are having so much fun in Ohio! :-)