Friday, July 10, 2009

We're in Ohio!

We made it all the way up to Ohio on Wednesday. Molly was quite the little trooper in the car. No major meltdowns at all! She colored, slept a little, and watched about 6 hours of the Wiggles (which means Brian and I listened to about 6 hours of the Wiggles--just slightly annoying, but hey! It kept her happy!) We stopped about 4 times and it took us about 9 hours.

We have been having SO much fun with Justin and Tara! We get to stay in their new house which has been a lot of fun. We miss them so much and it has been so great to spend time with them the last few days! Molly has been loving her Auntie Tara. I got into the car yesterday and and slid in beside her and she said "No! Auntie!" She wanted Tara to sit beside her. :-) Last night we cooked out at one of the local parks. The weather has been amazing--absolutely no humidity! SO nice!