Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back in North Carolina!

We made it home from Ohio last night. Molly did an AMAZING job on the way home--she took two naps, read books, and watched lots of DVDs (mostly the Wiggles). We borrowed a portable DVD player from our friends the Nichols and it was such a lifesaver!! If you're taking a small child on a long trip, it's definitely a good thing to have!

The rest of our trip in Ohio was a lot of fun. We are already missing Justin and Tara (Molly has mentioned "Auntie" and "Shusin" several times today.) Here are some more pictures from the remainder of our trip:
Why I'm pretty sure I won't win the Mother of the Year Award

On another note, I got up this morning to no power. When I woke up, I immediately noticed that I couldn't hear Molly's sound machine through the baby monitor. I realized the baby monitor was off and I got a little panicked hoping that I hadn't slept until 10AM while Molly was calling me. I looked at the clock and when I saw that it was off too, I realized we didn't have power. Luckily, it wasn't too late and Molly was awake, but I could tell she hadn't been awake long. I took Molly downstairs to make her bottle and saw the huge stack of mail from while we were gone. I suddenly remembered that I had noticed two power bills in the stack the night before. Then it all came back to me. I remembered having a conversation with Brian right before we left and telling him that there were two bills that needed to be paid before we went out of town--our HOA dues and the power bill. I was more focused on the HOA dues because there are late fees and totally forgot the power bill. Sure enough, I opened the two bills, and one of them was a disconnect notice. Thankfully, we still had water so I was able to take a shower and brush my teeth and Molly and I headed to pay the bill. Only I couldn't get my car out of the garage because the garage door opener needs POWER. I was just about in tears--already feeling not so so smart because I had forgotten the bill and now stuck in the house. Praise God for Nana! She went and paid the bill and told them our whole sob story about us being out of town and forgetting the bill and that I was pregnant and had a 20 month old and that we were stuck in the house. They were very nice and our power was back on in no time. You're the greatest, Mom! (I'm voting for HER for Mother of the Year!)