Sunday, August 24, 2008

In a few hours.....

Our lives will change forever! It's about 4AM here in Vietnam and I'm ready to go! Unfortunately, we don't leave for the orphanage for another 4 hours. :-)

We got some good advice from several friends who travel internationally a lot to try to stay up the first day we are here and go to bed at a normal Vietnam time. Well, we TRIED--but only made it until 3:00 in the afternoon. So I woke up at around 1AM wide awake and ready for breakfast--we were so exhausted, that we didn't eat anything yesterday after breakfast. Thanks to my Benton Heights buds, we had an assortment of snacks so I had a pack of crackers and and a soda at around 2AM. :-)

I remember my friend Dana who traveled to Vietnam in February saying that her husband did a lot better with the time change than she did. And sure enough--as we speak, Brian is snoring away! No doubt I will be ready for bed after lunch again today!

In all reality, I'm a little surprised I managed to sleep 10 hours last night as excited and anxious as I am! I can't believe after all of the waiting we will finally have Molly in our arms in just a few hours! We drove through Dong Anh yesterday on our way home from the airport. It's such a funny feeling to know that Molly is just around the corner!

I have no idea what our plans are for the rest of the day. I know that Brian has to go apply for Molly's passport at 2:30, but I don't know what other (if any) appointments we have today. Hopefully we'll have an update and pictures up soon!