Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're in Hanoi!

I'm typing this from our hotel room in Vietnam! Woo-hoo! :-) While we are VERY jet-lagged, we are very excited to be here so close to having Molly. We are leaving for the orphanage in the morning at 8:00AM Vietnam time! We're SO excited! :-)

The rest of our flight went well. The airport in Taiwan was fun! Hello Kitty was EVERYWHERE! The terminal for Hong Kong was even a Hello Kitty terminal. How fun is that? It's like Hello Kitty land! :-)

Since we left Taiwan, everything has been very smooth. Someone from our hotel was there to pick us up when we got there and we got our luggage without any problems. It was so nice to get to the hotel and get a shower! Our hotel is very nice and we've spent our time here so far getting unpacked and putting together everything for the orphanage tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day! We'll post pictures as soon as possible!I can't believe we finally get to meet our daughter! We are so blessed! :-)