Monday, August 25, 2008

We have Molly!!!

We have our baby girl!! The trip to the orphanage was so amazing! She very happily went to both me and Brian. I felt like she had been my daughter forever. Our agency's coordinator in Vietnam was walking through the room finding the different babies and I immediately spotted Molly when we got to her room. It was AMAZING to hold her for the first time--it felt so surreal. She happily went along with me until we got into the van to leave and I'm not sure if she was realizing she was leaving or afraid of the van (it was probably a little of both) but she was NOT a happy camper. She cried most of the way back to the hotel. :-( It was so sad, but I have to say it was a good feeling to get to be the one to hold her while she cried. I feel like I've missed out on that for the last 10 months. She feel asleep in the van and she's now sleeping peacefully in the crib that the hotel brought in for us.

We have a busy day ahead of us. We have to go apply for Molly's passport at 2:30 and then we have our Giving and Receiving Ceremony after that. We'll post pictures from that soon! :-)

Okay--I know you guys are anxious for pictures, so here they are! Is she not the most beautiful little girl you have ever seen?!

This was the first time I held her.

The nanny fed her and changed her into the outfit we brought for her.

It was so obvious how much the nannies loved her.

Daddy's girl.