Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birth Mothers

We had the privilege this week of catching a special on 2o/20 about adoption focusing on birth mothers. It followed two birth mothers as they made the decision to give their babies up for adoption. It was both eye-opening and heart-breaking. I think up until now I've somewhat thought about our daughter's birth mother and the decision she had (or will have) to make, but I've felt really removed from that part of our child's life. After watching this program, it really made me feel a special connection to birth mothers. Having been in the situation with Zeke and having to let go of your baby knowing that's God's will and that it's best for him/her--it really allowed me to connect with these women. These women loved their children so much that they did what was best for them--even though it was the most painful thing I'm sure they will ever have to do. I am so amazed at the strength, courage, and love these women have for their children. Adoption is such a special gift that God has given us and I am so grateful that He has allowed Brian and I to experience this gift.

"...we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons and daughters."
--Romans 8:23