Monday, July 30, 2007

House Closing

Well, we had the closing today for the new house. Everything went according to plan--no surprises. As soon as we closed we started moving boxes to the new house so that our house will look nice for buyers. When we got home today the for sale sign was in our front yard. It was very emotional. While I'm excited about moving, I'm really sad about leaving our house. I'm sure everyone goes through these emotions when they move out of their first house.

Tonight Brian wanted to walk around the new house and pray over it. It was really neat--my husband is so awesome. :-)

Painting starts tomorrow! We washed all of the base-boards and trim in the den and my dad is going to start painting tomorrow while we are at work. After the painting is finished we can start working on the floors. There is a chance we will be having a painting party this weekend--more about that to come!

Okay, (for those of you readers that are not a part of Benton Heights Elementary and didn't hear me talk about this all day today) I didn't get up until 7:00 this morning! (About the time I should BE at work.) I slept through my alarm for a solid hour! All this to say, I MUST get to bed! Goodnight!