Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moving Right Along

Well, things have been moving right along for us this week. First of all, the sweet little children came back to school on Friday. For us (kindergarten teachers), we didn't actually have our class, but just a group of 30 kindergartners that we all tested. The kids are so cute and seem SO small compared to my class of almost second graders I just left. Although the testing can be kind of boring, it's fun to hear the kids' answers to some of the questions. (If they can speak any English, that is!) My classroom is finally almost set up which has been a long time coming seeing as we've had termites and my room has been in shambles for the last couple of weeks. Kindergarten testing goes through Wednesday, Thursday is open house, and Friday is the first day of school for Kindergarten--that's when I'll have my class for the first time.

We close on the house tomorrow at 1:00! We are both excited and nervous about this big leap we are taking. They've allowed us to go ahead and start cleaning up some since it's a forecloser which has been nice, but in all honesty--with everything else we've had going on--we've only actually made it over there once. It's still got a long way to go but it's amazing how far it's come already.

We got the last of our adoption paperwork sent off yesterday which was a HUGE task that we got taken care of. Now we are truly just "waiting"--up until this point we've had something we've needed to be working on for the adoption at all times, but now it's SO nice to honestly be just sitting back and waiting. We are waiting for our paperwork that we sent to the Secretary of State to get certified then authenticated then EVERYTHING will be off to Vietnam. SO exciting!

Yesterday we went to Raleigh for a wedding. Brian's good friend got married. It was a beautiful wedding and we got to spend some good time with our friends Josh and Brooke. We even got to watch a movie in their new movie room last night! It was honestly better than a movie theater--very impressive!

I'll close this post with some pictures--because as Anna says all posts are better with pictures. The first several pictures I stole from my friend Brooke's blog--they were taken at a wedding shower we went to last weekend honoring Brian's friend from college, Matt. The bottom picture is a picture of Brian with his sister Marie that she emailed us last week. It was taken when we went to Winston-Salem for the Forth of July. Enjoy!

My husband--what a hottie! :-)

Me, Brooke, Jessie
Brian and me, Josh and Brooke, Jarod and Jessie

He looks like a sweet little brother--we know the truth, don't we, Marie?
Just kidding! :-)