Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Weekend.....

Went by WAY too fast! I'm sticking to my opinion that all weekends should be three day weekends! :-)

Anyway, although it was fast, it was fun! We went to the Discovery Place with Nana and some friends yesterday.
Then today, we were SO excited to see our friends the Joyces. They were in town for a Panthers game and came through Monroe to have dinner with us. It was a fun weekend!
And no weekend would be complete without a good Molly story. As I was writing this post, Brian came upstairs and said, "Do you smell fingernail polish?" You guessed it. Molly was in her bed giving herself a pedicure. She covered her toes, feet, and legs in bright pink fingernail polish. As we were scrubbing her down and having a heart to heart about staying in her bed, she responded, "I just got Mommy's fingernail polish so I could paint my toes and be so beautiful!"'s a good thing she's so cute!!UPDATE: Apparently, her raid of Mommy and Daddy's bathroom did not end at the nail polish. When we went to bed, we found that she had opened up ALL of the boxes of band-aids, gotten into the lotion, and dumped out ALL of the shampoos into the tub. All while she was supposed to be in her bed asleep. Brian turned her doorknob inside out and locked her in her room tonight. Stinker!