Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two years ago today.....

We held our precious Molly for the very first time. Now, two years later, we just can't imagine life without her. She is such an amazing little person with such an awesome little personality. We are so honored to have been chosen by God to be her parents.
To celebrate Molly's Adoption Day, we went out to eat Vietnamese. We had grand plans of trying out a Vietnamese restaurant that a friend had recommended, but when we got there they were no longer in business. We were all the way in Charlotte and it was already an hour past the girls' typical dinnertime and quickly approaching Rayna's bedtime, so we got on the phone with our amazing friend Scott (we love you, Scott!!) and he got us to another Vietnamese restaurant which turned out to be really good! Afterwards, we had ice cream for dessert! It was a fun day! Happy Adoption Day, Sweet Girl! We love you!