Monday, August 30, 2010

Molly Talk

Daddy: Are you excited about Rayna getting bigger? Then you all can play more and share a room.
Molly: Yeah, and she can get a chair and push it up to the T.V. and start Dora for me.

Me: Are you ready to take a bath?
Molly: Yeah....ummm, by the way, I need to talk to you about something.
Me: What's that?
Molly: I need to tell you that I don't need my hair washed.

Me: I'm going to go put Rayna to bed. When Daddy gets upstairs, you need to clean up the bonus room.
Molly: Daddy, you need to clean up the bonus room so Mommy won't be mad at me.

Molly: Mommy! You buyed me cookies! May I eat some?
Me: No, we're getting ready to have dinner.
Molly: I don't want dinner!! I don't like dinner!
Me: Yes, you do! We are having empinadas!
Molly: I don't like empinadas!
Me: And rice.
Molly: Ewww.........I don't like rice either.
Me: And corn! You love corn!
Molly: Corn is yucky!
Me: I'm sorry you feel that way, honey, but you can't have cookies until after dinner.
Molly: I can have them after dinner? Ohh..... what's for dinner?
Me: *sigh* Empanadas.
Molly: Oooooo....I LOVE empanadas! What else?
Me: Rice.
Molly: Oh, nummy, nummy! I love rice!
Me: And corn.
Molly: Corn is my favorite!! Thank you, Mommy, for making me corn!

You gotta love that kid! :-)