Friday, May 28, 2010

Molly Moment

I love all of the conversations I've been having with Molly lately. I wanted to document some more of them this month. She's such a smart little cookie!

Last night, Molly spilled her milk.

Molly: I am really, really very sorry I spill my milk, Daddy.
Daddy: It's okay, Honey.
Molly: It's okay, Daddy. I forgive you.

She has been very interested in boys/girls. One of her favorite games is to ask me who is a boy and who is a girl. She also likes answering that question.

Me: Is Ruby a boy or a girl?
Molly: A girl!
Me: Is Cooper a boy or a girl?
Molly: A boy!
Me: Is Damari a boy or a girl?
Molly: A baby!

Our little lady likes to ask us about our days. Perhaps Mommy should stop complaining about being tired after work!

Molly: How was you work today, Daddy? How was the plants?
Daddy: It was fine, thank you.
Molly: How was you work today, Mommy? How was the kids?
Me: They were fine.
Molly: You is tired, aren't you, Mommy?