Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Uncle Will!

We made it!! Mom and I successfully took two very small children to another state and back! We had a great time with Will (aka Billy) and squeezed tons of fun stuff into the few days we were there. We went for Will's birthday and it was nice to get to spend a few days with him. The highlight of the trip for Molly was definitely going to Ripley's aquarium. She is still talking about all of the fish!

The girls did SO well! Molly traveled very well thanks to the Nichol's DVD player (I'd love to know how many states that DVD player has been to--this is our third trip with it!) Rayna did really well into we got stuck in traffic on the way home. She wasn't happy that we weren't moving and was very glad to get home.

I wasn't sure how the girls would do going down for bed tonight since they've been so off schedule, but they both went down without a peep. I think they were exhausted and just happy to be in their own cribs!

I took an absurd amount of pictures on our trip (imagine that!)--here are just a few: