Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break!

Friday was the first day of Spring break! Our bags are packed and we are leaving in the morning for Tennessee to visit my brother. Brian will be working so Mom and I are taking the girls by ourselves. It's Rayna's first time spending the night away from home and Molly's first time going on a trip since she's been potty trained. Can I just tell you that to take an infant and a toddler on a trip to another state, you have to bring A LOT of stuff! With the way the van looks, Brian probably wonders if we're really coming home! :-)

We've had a great start to Spring break! We had dinner with our good friends the McArthurs last night. Molly had a blast playing with Corrie and Ruby and Rayna had fun playing with new baby Zoe. Alicia and I have actually been "expecting" together three times. Zeke and Corrie are two months apart, Molly and Ruby are two months apart, and Rayna and Zoe are two months apart. The McArthurs are so dear to us--they've been through the good times and the bad times with us and we just love them all so much!