Friday, February 5, 2010

Good Times With the Russells

We had dinner with our good friends, the Russells, tonight. I grew up next door to this family and they are so special to me! Jenni was pretty much my mentor growing up (and I still call her for advice today!) and I so admire her. It has been so fun to watch the five Russell children grow up into lovely individuals. We had a great time chatting, watching old home videos, and listening to Nathan play the guitar. Jenni made homemade pizza and Grant made some AWESOME chocolate cake! It took Molly a little while to warm up, but once she did she had a great time playing with everyone. Especially Meredith! As soon as we put her into the van tonight she asked, "Where Meredith go, Mommy?" Fun times!!
The Russells got Molly these big sister jammies.
Are they not the cutest EVER?! :-)
Happy baby girls!