Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crazy-Busy Weekend and Our Little Artist

This weekend has been busy--not just busy, but CRAZY-busy! When you work full time and have two small children, you have a lot to squeeze into two days! But it was fun! After our routine house cleaning and grocery shopping on Saturday, we went to my mom's to celebrate my brother's birthday. Today is both my brother and my sister's birthday. (My brother was born on my sister's second birthday). Lynne, I have had your birthday present wrapped and ready to be mailed for about a week now. One day I will get to the post office--honestly! Happy birthday, Bob and Lynne! :-)

Bob got an entire chocolate pie all to himself for his birthday.
He ate half of it in one sitting. How does he stay so thin?!
Apparently, we don't share that gene!
Tonight we went to James and Anna's for their third annual Super Bowl party. James and Anna have one of those fancy, high definition, big screen TVs so it was like being at the game! James even let women and children into his "man cave!" :-)

The highlight for Molly--fruit kabobs!
And I HAVE been to all three Super Bowl parties, Anna! Here is my proof! :-)

Super Bowl 08
Super Bowl 09
Super Bowl 10
(This picture was taken by Molly--
I think she did a pretty good job!)
Our Little Artist....

If you are my Facebook friend then you may remember that I recently asked for some fun craft ideas for toddlers. Molly LOVES crafts and we've been trying to do fun things with her after Rayna goes to bed at night. She loves playdough, coloring, fingerpainting, etc.

Well, today Molly thought of a fun craft all on her own......

Our sweet girl has not really been napping very much lately. I thought she had actually fallen asleep today because she had been quiet for a long time. Brian had to run to the store, so when he got home I asked if he would just peak in at her to make sure that she was really sleeping. I heard him open her door and then immediately yell, "Honey!! I need you!!"

She had pooped, taken her diaper off, and had proceeded to "finger-paint" with the contents of her diaper. It was EVERYWHERE. She had "painted" her books, her pillow, the crib rails, her stuffed animals, and her doll. Brian and I just kind of stood there for a little while not sure where to even start.

Two baths for Molly (a wash and rinse cycle), many loads of laundry, and a bottle of Clorox later--we are back to our original state. It's a good thing our sweetie is so stinkin' cute! (Pun intended.)

Poor Lamb. This was her second "bath" this week.