Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Twas the Weekend Before Christmas.....

It's been a fun weekend around the Hines house. We had our friends Scottie and Joel over for the weekend. Friday night we had dinner with Scottie, Joel, and some other friends, the Goodmans. Then we had Cookout milkshakes (yum!) and watched It's a Wonderful Life. Believe it or not, I had never seen that movie. Rayna wasn't that excited about the movie, so I only got about halfway through it, but finished it last night. SO good! I think I could watch it every year. :-)
Last night Scottie and Joel were visiting with some other friends, so we went over to my mom's house. She was making her famous gingerbread men for all of her neighbors. Molly LOVES helping Nana make gingerbread men and I felt like it was a good opportunity for her to do something kind for others, so we went over to help. Molly and I went with Nana to deliver the gingerbread men, and she had a blast walking around the block. It's so fun to be two! :-)
And Rayna had a fun time hanging out and watching all of the action! She can't wait to be big enough to help! :-)

Today we visited my mom's church so that she could show off her sweet grandbabies. Then we went out for Japanese. At the restaurant, one of the waitresses asked me about Molly. I told her we had adopted her from Vietnam and she said she was also from Vietnam. It turns out she's from the same province as Molly's orphanage! She said that it was so good that we adopted Molly and that Molly was so lucky to have a home here in the United States. I told her that we were the lucky ones to have Molly has our daughter. God definitely had us planned for each other. :-)

Well, the weekend Christmas fun continues! Tonight we are going over to Mike and Nicole's for their annual Christmas party. Molly helped me bake cookies for the party yesterday and is super excited about taking them to Cooper's house. Guess I better go wake my sleeping beauties up (Daddy included!) and get them ready to go!