Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Molly Update

Picture taken by Molly Hines

One of my goals for maternity leave was to get to work on the girls' baby books. Now my goal for their books is nothing fancy--an update each month and two pictures. However, I have been a huge slacker. Molly is 17 months old in hers and I haven't even started Rayna's. AND--I've only done Molly's updates--not her pictures. It overwhelms me to think about how far behind I am, so I made the decision to start doing the updates on the blog for two reasons. One, because I'm a lot more on top of the blog than I am on their baby books. Maybe if I put updates on here, I will eventually transfer them into their books. And two, so that you can hold me accountable. Look for updates on Molly on the 22nd of every month and updates on Rayna on the 2nd of every month. If you don't get updates, nag me! :-)


You have been SO fun this month! It's been so exciting to celebrate the Christmas season with you--to get to experience everything through your eyes. We gave you an early Christmas present--a Little People Nativity set--and you love playing with it. You line all of the animals up to see the baby Jesus--SO cute! You love all of the lights. One night when we were driving home from Life Group, there were several houses in a row with lights. You got so excited and said, "Lights and lights and more lights! Lights everywhere, everywhere!" Your daddy and I thought it was SO funny! You had a fun time helping Mommy and Nana decorate for Christmas. You loved looking through all of the ornaments as we put them on the tree (and you only broke one!) And of course you love all of the presents! I can't wait to see you Christmas morning!

You continue to be such a sweet big sister to Rayna. Just this week we were riding in the car and you said, "I love you, Rayna" in your sweet little voice and gave her the "I love you" sign. It melted my heart! You're very patient when we are giving Rayna attention. You've grown up a lot since becoming a big sister!

You are SO independent! You want to do EVERYTHING yourself. You like to help cook dinner and make Daddy's tea. You want to buckle yourself into your car seat, put your own toothpaste on your tooth brush, etc. One of your favorite sayings is, "I do it!" Sometimes you are sneaky--you will put Rayna's paci in your mouth or take Mommy's camera when you think no one is looking. :-)

You are talking and understanding SO much! If I tell you something is going to happen when you wake up from your nap, you remember! Sunday I told you that when you woke up from your nap we were going to Cooper's party. When you woke up, you said, "I up my nap, I go Cooper's party now!" Such a smart girl!

You are doing really well with your manners! Tonight you asked to be excused from the table all by yourself! After you eat your dinner, you love crawling under the table and playing with Ruthie. Last night you were eager to get down from the table, but you had a treat (a chocolate ball) that you really wanted to finished so you stuffed the whole thing in your mouth and then said, "May I be excused, please?" with a mouth full of chocolate. It was running out of your mouth and all over your shirt! Nana and I had to laugh!

You are still on bath strike. I think you are too "busy" to take a bath. The last few times you've had a bath, it's been in Rayna's little baby bath tub. Hey! Whatever works! Hopefully the bath strike will end soon and you will love baths again!

Your favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Your favorite DVD is Blue's Clues. Your favorite activity is helping Mommy or Nana cook. Your favorite song is Upside Down by Jack Johnson.

We love you more and more everyday! :-)