Thursday, May 14, 2009


From school...

T: Mrs. Hiiiiii-iiiiiines!! Y has God in his pocket!
Mrs. Hines: I'm sorry. What did you say?
T: Y has God in his pocket! He does!
Mrs. Hines: (T's got me curious) Y, what is in your pocket?
Y pulls out a wooden cross.
T: See! I told ya! He's got God in his pocket. :-)

Mrs. Hines: What are you doing with that big pile of bears, S?
S: You'll see!
Mrs. Hines: (Hoping it's math-related) Are you going to sort them by color?
S: Nope! I'm going to put all of the blues together and the reds together and the yellows together!

From Molly....

Upon pulling into the local grocery store:
Molly: Mmmmmm......snack! (Maybe someone has had one too many free samples lately!)

Getting Molly ready for her bath, I turn on the water and go to get her towel.
Molly: (pointing at me) No, no! Mama! (pointing at the tub) Bath!
Mama: Right away, princess!

(And my personal favorite) From Brian....

Melissa: Do I look pregnant?
Brian: Long pause. you WANT to look pregnant?