Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our First Night Out....

Since we've been home from Vietnam, Brian and I have been trying to get together for dinner with our friends the Donahues. We decided at the last minute to have dinner out tonight, but it was a little late to take Molly so she stayed with Nana at her house for the first time. It was the longest we'd left Molly and things were a little rough.

She immediately burst into tears when she saw Nana and realized we were leaving.
She was really worried because there is NOTHING to do at Nana's house.

These pictures were taken while we were gone.
Apparently she stayed pretty upset the whole time.

When we arrived home, this is what we found.
Poor little thing--she must have cried herself to sleep.
As you can see, my going back to work is going to be a lot rougher on me than on Molly. :-)

In other Molly news....

Molly has a new due. The problem is that her hair is growing like crazy and her bangs are just about in her eyes. Bows, clips, and headbands are okay, but if she remembers they are there, she pulls them out. And they often fall out because her hair is so fine. So I spend a lot of time swiping her bangs out of her face because I am unwilling to cut them. So here's the solution! A cute little ponytail! Brian says the due only works with a ponytail AND a bow because the ponytail by itself looks dorky. He is quite the expert on baby hairstyles, so a ponytail and bow it is! You will probably be seeing a lot more of this little due until Molly's hair gets a little longer or I break down and cut her bangs. (Which I don't see happening!) I think it's cute!

Our sweet baby with long bangs! :-)
Our sweet baby with her cute little ponytail! :-)
And the best part is, she doesn't try to pull it out! YAY! :-)