Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Fun!

Molly got to meet her Great Uncle Hemant and Great Aunt Becki this week. My Uncle Hemant is preaching in Boone so they stopped by on their way and spent a couple of days. As you can see, Molly had a GREAT time with them! They are leaving to return to India (check our their church) soon and we will not see them again until Christmas so I'm very glad Molly got to meet them this week!

Uncle Hemant, you are SO fun!
We went out to eat Mexican. Here is a picture of the girls! :-)
Having fun with Aunt B and Uncle Hemant
Nana got to wear the sombrero because it was almost her birthday!

Here Uncle Hemant....have a chip!
And TODAY is Nana's birthday! A big happy birthday to Nana! We went out to dinner to celebrate Nana's birthday.

I'm ready to go out to eat for Nana's birthday, Mommy!
The birthday girl with her son and son-in-law. Only one of her boys is missing.
We miss you, Billy!
Molly looking cute for Nana's birthday dinner!And I thought this would be a good time to brag on my Mom. Since her birthday last year, she has lost 65lbs!! Although she was just as beautiful this time last year, she's a whole lot healthier this year and we are all SO proud of her! You're inspirational, Nana!! :-)

Mom's birthday 2007
Mom's birthday 2008