Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sounds like good news to me!

Being "paper pregnant" is so much different than having your baby in your belly. With both there is anticipation, excitement, and a certain level of anxiety, but when you're "paper pregnant" (especially when you know you've been matched and your child is out there somewhere) it is so much harder to sit back and wait on God. When waiting on your adopted child, ANY little piece of good news is VERY exciting!

That said--I read on our agency's message board today that our agency is working on referrals for the month of August! (Our DTV date is August 16!) Now this doesn't change the fact that we won't get a referral until our child is cleared for adoption, but there is something exciting about seeing that the referrals are just about complete through August!

Stay tuned! We're praying for Molly news soon! :-)