Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to Business!

Well, I returned to school this week after being off for Christmas break. I was honestly excited about going back. The kids just really blossom this time of year and although I had a great break (especially the week Brian was off), I like being in my teaching routine.

My Aunt Becky was in the United States and I got to see her briefly last week. We had a nice visit, but unfortunately my grandmother had to go back into the hospital the day she was here. Grandma is doing better and was discharged yesterday but has to spend a couple of days in a rehab center this time around because she's still having a hard time with her balance, etc. We're praying she gets to go home soon. My Aunt Becky and Uncle Hemant have been missionaries in India for about 15 years. We are really praying that it works out for us to visit them in India before we get Molly in Vietnam. My cousin Daniel is getting married in March (so they will be back in the US) so if the timing (and of course funds!) is right then we're really hoping to get to visit them. They always give us great Indian gifts and this year they gave us these great T-shirts. Thanks, Uncle Hemant and Aunt B!!

Speaking of Molly, this was a pretty big week for our agency. Three referrals were given and some families received I600 approval. Both of these things were exciting for us because we're praying for a referral for us and I600 approval for our friends Jeff and Dana who are waiting to bring home their little girl, Maia. Maybe this week will bring good news!