Saturday, April 8, 2017

Super Saturday

We had a super Saturday today!  It was an absolutely beautiful day and we enjoyed spending it together as a family.  First, Rayna and Aaron both had soccer games.  It was Rayna's first game and she did a GREAT job!  Aaron also did really well!  After lunch today, we went to a farming festival at the Agricultural Center.  The kids had a great time!  Ethan had a lot of firsts.  First bounce house, first train ride, etc.  He LOVED the train!  He was so happy the whole time!  It was a fun day!  Then tonight, Aaron insisted that Ethan sleep with him.  Before Ethan came home, Aaron wasn't so sure how he felt about sharing his room.  He was worried that Ethan was going to mess up his room or break his toys.  Now, he not only wants Ethan to sleep in his room, he wants him to sleep in his bed with him!  Such a sweet big brother.