Wednesday, April 5, 2017


It's been so amazing to see how God has been there through every step of our adoption and how he obviously had Ethan planned for our family.  
Molly wanted to recreate this painting we bought in Vietnam.  The funny thing is for the last nine years, I've *joked* that the painting was of Molly and her little brother. Totally joking because the baby boy is obviously Asian and Aaron is not. Even when we felt the doors were opening for us to adopt from China, we were open to either a boy or a girl. We were well into the process of adopting Ethan when one of the kids asked if the painting was Molly and Ethan. I laughed because my nine year old joke had come to fruition. God definitely has a sense of humor. 

Then this absolutely blows me away.....
So nine years ago, we adopted our baby girl, Molly. She had one birthmark, on her right hip. About a year and a half later, her baby sister Rayna is born. One day, we are giving Rayna a bath and we notice that she had a birthmark. On her right hip! Yes--both of our girls have one birthmark. And it's on their right hip!! Crazy right?
Then Aaron is born. He also has one birthmark but it doesn't match his sisters'. His is on his left shoulder. So the kids are playing in the water and I notice--hidden by one of his scars--Ethan has a birthmark. On his left shoulder. Not. Even. Kidding.
Our girls (born in Vietnam and the US) AND our boys (born in the US and in China) have matching birthmarks.
Praising God everyday for giving us the privilege of raising these four children.