Monday, March 13, 2017

Gotcha Day!

 We have our baby boy!  Ethan Si Lee is legally our son!  He was very hesitant to leave his nanny but played with me a little and let me feed him some snacks.  He didn't want me holding him at all when we were in the civil affairs office, but once we left and his nanny was out of sight, he was okay.  He was very somber all evening but didn't cry.  He decided that he loves squeezy pouches of baby food! He downed several!  We were told that the orphanage would give us enough formula for while we were here, but they only gave us one bottle.  So Christine and I braved Aveon again tonight in order to buy formula.  It was quite the ordeal.  Christine had to get a ticket, pay for the formula, show the attendant her ticket, then get the formula.  The reason?  Formula in China cost $45!!  Ethan and I waited outside.  Thankfully, he seems to like the Ergo.  In our last update, the orphanage said he goes to bed at 10:30PM.  Christine and I both thought there was no way, but sure enough....after about 2 hours of walking the halls of the hotel, he finally started getting sleepy at 10:30PM.  But he slept through the night!  We tried putting him in his crib, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  (Maybe because he's been in the crib the last four months straight)?  So he slept in Mama's bed.  Already love this little boy so much!