Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

 Today our guide took us (along with some other adoptive families from our agency) to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall.  It was beautiful!  Ethan, however, was not interested in art or in listening to our guide speak for long periods of time.  :-)

 For lunch, we went to the dumpling place again.  Apparently, we've been coming so much that they decided to roll out a red carpet for Ethan.  HA!

 Then tonight, our sweet boy played himself to sleep.  We are enjoying our time in China, but I'm so ready to get home to Brian and the other children.  We leave on Friday!

NOTE:  I'm attempting to update the blog whenever I get a second but I'm going back and forth between today and catching up from days past.  So make sure you go back in time to read the other entries.  By the end, there *should* be an entry for each day we are in China.