Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This Week

 Molly made straight A's again this report card so she's on the Principal's Honor Roll!  We are so proud of her hard work at school!  She is doing such a great job!

 We've had a fun time celebrating Valentine's Day.  Aaron has been SO excited about Valentine's Day for weeks.  He's been making cards for everyone!  The girls have never really card too much about cards, but Aaron really loves them.  He gets so excited when someone gives him a card!  Nana also made Valentine's Day cookies with the kids.  Yum!  

We are waiting on Travel Approval!  I should be traveling in the next couple of weeks to pick up our sweet Ethan!  We sent him a package around Christmas and it finally made it to China this week.  Tammy sent us several pictures of him with the things we sent.  It is so sweet to see him looking at pictures of his family!  The kids loved looking at the pictures of him with the things we sent.  I think it made it all seem very real to Aaron.  We are all very excited to bring home our little brother!