Sunday, November 20, 2016

12 Years!

Earlier this week, I looked at the calendar and realized our 12 anniversary was coming up. We hadn't talked about doing anything, so I thought I would surprise Brian and arrange childcare for the kids so that we could go out to lunch after church. I emailed my friend Michelle to see if she could watch our kids. When she confirmed, I sent Brian a text asking him to go on a date with me. He called me very confused.
It turns out he had the same idea and asked Jason (Michelle's husband) if they could watch our kids after church so we could go on a date.
So we both planned the same date with the other person (including the same childcare arrangements)!! I guess when you've been married 12 years, you start sharing a brain?!
So today we got to go on our date.  We went out to lunch, did some shopping, ran some errands, and just hung out.  It was a great anniversary.  Happy 12 years to my best friend! 😂😂😂