Monday, February 10, 2014

Say What?

The girls are always saying things that are super funny, sweet, cute, etc.  I thought I better document some before I forget!
Molly only has a handful of "baby" words--words that she mispronounces.  There are only a few of them left.  I never correct her because it's too cute!

Fridgadator = refrigerator
Smoovie = smoothie
Valentime = Valentine
Vietmanese = Vietnamese

Molly is always cracking us up!  Here are just a few of the funny things she's said recently:

 Molly (looking at a picture of me standing in front of my house as a kid):  What was your house made out of?
Me:  Brick
Molly:  They had BRICKS back then?!  I thought your house would be made of sticks and mud!

Molly:  I'm so lucky that you adopted me.
Me:  Awwww....that's so sweet.  I'm the lucky one!  I'm lucky that you're my daughter.
Molly:  Oh, I know.  I mean I'm lucky that I'm adopted because I get to have an adoption day and if you're just "born" you don't get to have an adoption day.

Molly (as we pass a cemetary):  There's where people are buried when they die.
Me:  You're right.
Molly:  But just their bodies are buried.  Because their heads are in heaven.

Molly:  Are we going to adopt more kids one day?
Me:  I don't know.  We might.  Would you like that?
Molly:  No.  I'd rather go to Disney World.

Rayna is still learning how to make a lot of her sounds, so most of her words are still "baby" words.  I love her little four-year-old voice.  She has some phrases are so cute and hilarious!

I saw it in my eye = I dreamed
Leaves with syrup = spinach with ranch dressing

She's also always saying the cutest and sweetest stuff!

Me:  You girls have been watching TV all morning.  It's time to turn it off.  You guys are going to become little couch potatoes!
Rayna:  And what does God say about that?!

Rayna:  Mama, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me:  A Mommy.
Rayna:  AGAIN?!

Rayna:  Mommy, you got a little bit of strong muscles.
Me:  Thank you!
Rayna:  You got a little bit of strong muscles but Daddy and Bapa got a lot of strong muscles.

 Rayna:  Nana, do you have a mommy and a daddy?
Nana:  They are in heaven.
Rayna:  Do you have a honey?
Nana:  He's in heaven, too.
Rayna:  It's okay, Nana.  I can be your honey!