Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2013 was great!  We opened presents this morning and before she even opened any of her own presents, Molly wanted to give Nana a Bible cover that she has picked out with Aunt Marie at Thanksgiving.  So sweet!  The girls got bikes which they have been riding in the house all day.  They went outside but it was so cold--they only lasted about 5 minutes.  They also got new Bibles and they were very excited about using them to read tonight.  Molly is learning the books of the Bible in her Sunday School class so she likes looking up the stories.  She didn't want any books tonight--just Bible stories.  I think Rayna's favorite present was her new flashlight.  I think all of us have spent time in the dark bathroom with Rayna today playing with her flashlight.  Aaron was a lot of fun this year.  He had fun opening his presents and liked his new toys.  We are starting to actually get a collection of "boy" toys.  Nana made a yummy lunch and our traditional Happy Birthday, Jesus cake.  When I told the girls we were going to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, they started singing the "Happy Birthday, Jesus" song they learned at church.  So sweet!  

Happy Birthday, Jesus,
I'm so glad it's Christmas.
All the tinsel and lights and
The presents are nice
But the real gift is You.

Happy Birthday, Jesus,
I'm so glad it's Christmas.
All the carols and bells make
The holidays swell
And it's all about You.
Happy Birthday, Jesus; Jesus, I love You.

Merry Christmas to all.  And to all a goodnight!